Nail Art Trends for 2021

Author: Splendide Writer

Even though we know that our nails have become another accessory to keep in mind to combine and elaborate our look. Nail art is another way to tell the world who we are and what we love, all through our nails. That’s why this new artistic expression is gathering more and more fans all over the world and is undoubtedly setting trends and style. For this reason, this time we offer you a small summary with the trends in the art of nail decoration that will be in fashion this season and this new year.

No matter if your nails are long or short, there is no excuse not to give them a fashionable touch. Creativity, color, geometry and reinvention of the classics will undoubtedly be the styles that will be at the forefront of nail trends for this year 2021.

Nude, always nude!
For this year 2021, the nude continues as in previous years. Neutral, pastel and timeless colors like these will always suit casual but elegant nails.

Minimalism and geometric style.
Nails with small details such as lines, dots or geometric figures stand out among the trends in nail art this year. It is a matter of combining color with geometric prints such as squares, lines and arcs or simply using a smooth base and accompany it with a colorful detail such as dots or the classic crescent. This style will give your nail design a modern and elegant look.

Revolutionize the French!
The French manicure will never go out of fashion, so over time she will reinvent herself. This season, do your French manicure with bright colors instead of white will be the trend. Classic but always chic.

Color, color, color.
Pink, yellow, pastel colors, grey, black and the iconic red will be the favorites to decorate our nails this 2021. Color will also be important this season, so if you prefer something simple, you can wear your nails with one of these plain colors, or some natural base and add color details to stand out and be fashionable without losing your essence.


Metallic shades and degrade.

Metallic colors are back this season, accompanied by glitter, shine and color transitions.  These tones will be sending the parade this end of the year, and why wouldn’t they if they are the best to accompany this holiday season?

The natural touch!
On the catwalks we could also see that one of the next trends for this 2021 will be almost natural nude nails. This trend, known as Raw Nails, will gain strength this season, so it’s time to make up your nails only with shine, with transparent and hardening bases.
Since you know them all, which one will you choose to highlight this new year and take your nails to another level?