Tips for taking care of your nails in the winter

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Taking care of your hands is very important during all seasons, but in the winter season they probably require a little more attention and pampering. It’s normal that the cold causes some problems in your skin and nails too, because the low temperatures can make your nails get weaker, break and even peel. That’s why we bring a couple of tips to take special care of your hands and nails this season.
1. Keep your hands moisturized
When the temperature drops, the cold absorbs moisture from your skin, and that’s why yourhands get dry and your nails start to get more fragile. Don’t worry, you can help yourself by using moisturizing creams, and you’ll see how this will help keep your skin moisturized and prevent the cold from acting up. Incorporate in your routine applying moisturizing cream throughout the day, this will help your hands stay soft and well cared for. We also recommend that when washing your hands, you use a soap that contains milk proteins and without sulfates, since these help the skin on your hands maintain its nutrients and look as beautiful as ever.

2. Don’t forget your nails
As we already told you, your skin is not the only one that suffers in the winter season, your nails do too so it is very important that you take care of them. That’s why we suggest you to apply some oil to strengthen your cuticles and thus prevent them or your nails from cracking or from having hangnails.

3. Keep your nails painted
Keeping your nails painted will also be vital, even if it is only with a base. This is the moment to see the nail polish as a layer of protection from the cold. So, we recommend using products that nourish your nails while protecting them from the weather; that’s why there are strengthening or anti-scaling bases. It will be a shield for your nails and will prevent the cold from chipping or breaking them since they have complete compounds and formulas that will give your nails the strength they need to face low temperatures.

4. Exfoliation
This is the time when you help your hands and nails to eliminate those dead cells that make them look dull. That’s why we recommend you to take a basic routine with some body scrub and use it at least once a week. This little care will help keep your skin radiant and healthy, and you will see results in a very short time.

With these basic cares you will have beautiful and shining hands even in this winter season. In addition these are some of the products we recommend for the care of your nails this winter:

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