Beauty Trends For 2021

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Beauty trends for 2021

Author : Splendide Writer

We thought it would be difficult to talk about trends in this new reality marked by distance and the quarantine, but fashion does and will always do its own work. Wearing a mask, working online or simply not leaving the house will not be an excuse not to look as good as before.
2021 is approaching and with it, the trends that will dominate the makeup scene in this new year. Fashion weeks and some celebrities have already given us a first glimpse of what’s coming up in the world of beauty, so here’s a short summary of what will be sent to the catwalk next year.
As for a large part of the year 2020, the eyes will always be the protagonist, the eyes will be EVERYTHING in 2021. Deeper eyes, wild but well-treated eyebrows, smoky shadows, exploration with color and creativity with eyeliner, will undoubtedly be the steps to follow to be at the level of makeup artists.
Let’s talk about eyeliner!
If we want to achieve an intense and expressive look, eyeliner will be our number one ally in making us stand out this season. It’s time to innovate with eyeliner, try new things and push the classic cat-eye further. Although it never goes out of style, this new year will have to be exaggerated. It’s no secret that graphic design is booming and it’s recommended to be very creative and imaginative when making them; don’t be afraid to break the patterns and play a little with color and figures, it’s time to be a little eccentric and make more artistic boundaries.

But if you don’t like eyeliner, don’t worry, smokey eye continues in this new season. A good management of lights, shadows, and lashes, which can’t be missing, because they will be essential to define the dimension of your eyes and especially to make your look much deeper.

Express yourself, don’t be afraid!
In 2021, color is for everyone. This season, we don’t have to fear the use of color in our makeup, it’s time to tell the world who we are through it. Warm colors, neon, green, purple and of course glitter are here to stay.

Natural and healthy skin.
Between now and 2021, people are still talking about the importance of showing a well-groomed skin, a skin that reflects naturalness and freshness, so “baby skin” will be very important. We continue the trend towards no make-up, with very light contours, blushes in soft tones between pinks and peaches, and where the illuminator is always the key to radiant skin.

These trends are already knocking on your doors, it’s time to welcome them and define your
style with creativity and fashion.

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